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other 👍  Anytime Tincture Ritual Ritual makes a variety of 'tinctures' (drops) which have different ratios of THC and CBD in them. The Anytime drops are a 1:1 ratio with 1200mg of cannabinoids (600 THC & 600 CBD) in the entire bottle. The instructions say to drop them under your tongue, but I doubt this does anything differently than just consuming them outright. The high from them product is surprisingly long-lasting (I'd assume liquids would come and go much faster), but it's relatively subtle compared to products with harsher peaks. edible 👍  Original Gummies Plus The plus original gummies (as opposed to the sour variety (which likely has no difference other than the flavor)) claim to be a 'super potent hybrid.' Each gummy is 10mg and absolutely lives up to it's claim to be 'super potent' compared to other gummies. They've very small and hard to split, so I usually take a whole one (10mg) which gets me crazy high. It seems like the peak might come and go quite quickly, however. edible 👍  Espresso Bean Pips Altai Each chocolate covered espresso bean is 10mg each and provides a steady, but somewhat dull, high. Usually 10mg gets me really high, but these are on the less potent end of the spectrum (in my experience). edible 👍  Sour Watermelon Gummies Valhalla Confections The Valhalla sour watermelon gummies are amazing. Each one is 10mg and I take 1 or 2 usually. Even though they are indica, they have a great mind high that comes along with them and they're fairly potent so 1 or 2 is usually more than enough for the whole evening. I've taken them before a flight before too which helped me feel much more calm. edible 👍  Sour Watermelon Gummies Valhalla Confections Valhalla separates their gummy product line by strain and the indica is by far my favorite. They're a little on the pricey side, but provide a consistent and quality high. I usually take about half (5mg) and they increase visual experiences and body sensitivity in a great way. edible 👍  Tangerine Gummies Valhalla Confections The high is similar, but less potent for me than are Valhalla Indica gummies. I will never choose these over the indica variety, but if you're into sativa they're probably a good buy. edible 👍  Tangerine Gummies Valhalla Confections I like the tangerine sativa gummies enough to keep buying them, but I prefer Valhalla's indica watermelon gummies. The sativas give me a nice mind buzz without the body high so I can be more social and engaged. If you want more of a body + visual high, check out the watermelons. :) other 👍  Anytime Tincture Ritual The tincture comes in a small medicinal bottle, like something you'd buy for skincare. I usually take about half a vial, and follow their instructions for dropping it under my tongue and letting it simmer before swallowing. It's pretty fast-acting, but surprisingly long-lasting. It has a very delicate and light taste and mental runway - like an essential oil. The CBD content is high (1:1 ratio) so this is great for hangovers, colds, and other anti-inflammatory needs. vaporizer 👍  Pineapple Afghani AbsoulteXtracts Other brands I've tried sometimes have a funky after taste, but ABX has some of the smoothest oils. Pineapple Afghani is one of their newer strains with Emerald Cup. It is great for relaxing/destressing at the end of the day but also isn't so strong you can't use it during the day. edible 👎  Brownies Good Co-op Each brownie is 10mg and they market these as 'low dose' and they seem to be pretty mild compared to other products. High wasn't as lasting as I'd like and at their price point (~$16 for 30mg) there are better options. edible 👍  Mind Tricks Jetty Extracts Mind tricks come in a 'low-dose' 25mg pack which has chunks of toffee. Due to their irregular shape they're pretty hard to dose out, but because the packages are such a small amount it's not a huge issue. High was mellow and slow - not very intense. vaporizer 👎  Balance Cookies State Didn't feel quite as potent as other state cartridges I've used. Combined with the taste, I don't think I'll look out for this product again.

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