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edible 👎  BlueBerry Rings 320mg Kushie Brand Took a full ring, didnt feel anything after 1.5 so i took another has been 3 hrs total and still nothing. I dont know if i should take another because i will be up to 60 mg. Also, this is my first time trying weed. vaporizer 👍  White Kush PAX I usually cook this around 480 degrees (f). It gives me the biggest body high of any strain I've tried yet and consistently puts me to sleep. edible 👍  Peanut Creme Marigold Sweets Do you like getting high? Do you like artisan chocolate experiences? These Peanut Cremes consist of organic milk chocolate, filled with smooth peanut butter and a crunchy nut center. They come in beautifully packaged boxes of 4 chocolates, at 10MG a pop. When I kneel & open the box, I feel like I'm proposing to myself... proposing an afternoon of gastronomical and mental delight. They're a little expensive at $40 a box, but worth it as a treat 'yo self moment. edible 👍  Cherry Cola Gummies Disrict Edibles each gummy is 10 mg. I have't actually eaten one because I coudn't figure out how to open their child proof packaging. It doesn't say on the label, but cut along the tamper seal then press the side tabs and pull the lid up. Will update once I actually eat these. Wanted to at least get this part up now vaporizer 👍  Omija AbsoulteXtracts Sativa Dominant/Hybrid. Few puffs hit pretty quickly. More of an energetic high/mood lifter vs couch lock/sleepiness. This got me through some house cleaning. edible 👍  BlueBerry Rings 320mg Kushie Brand - 5mg or about 1/4 of a Ring Did not feel much after an hour. I generally felt sleepy and relaxed. I would highly suggest a 5mg dosage on a nice Sunday evening as you're prepping for the week. It allows you to unwind into a deep dreamless slumber. - 10mg or about 1/2 of a Ring I tend to use higher dosages for various activities like working out or working at the office. I took my dosage on an empty stomach with a single cup of black coffee in the morning with hopes of achieving the most desirable of effects. Fortunately I found an almost zen-like state with 10mg. I was able to concentrate on the task at hand. - 20mg, an entire Ring I ate an entire ring and proceeded to race against time to finish all my chores before peaking. After prepping the next few meals and various chores, I was start to get a little high. I decided to work on some side project stuff until the urge to take a hot bath hit me like a ton of bricks. The bathwater was lukewarm at best. (Note to self, call the landlord to discuss ways to increase bath water temperate as it does not fit my standards for appropriate temperature). I am now too high to work, too high to concentrate. 20mg is the best dosage for when you want to melt into your couch. 10mg for concentration and focus. 5mg for drifting off to sleep.
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