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edible 👍  Chocolate Chip Therapy Dr. Norms I only need half of a Dr. Norm's cookie for a really exquisite high! I love these because I feel both physically relaxed and intellectually sharp. It's a very giggly and curious high. Pairs well with documentaries and ethnic food. edible 👍  Chocolate Chip Therapy Dr. Norms Dr. Norm's cookies produced a great high for me - exciting and alert while still feeling calm. The cookies are high dose (20mg a cookie) and are hard to split because they crumble. edible 👎  Espresso Bean Pips Altai The espresso beans had a weird discoloration before the package was opened and long before the expiration date. edible 👍  Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Cloud Confections Really consistent high - really easy to dose throughout the day @ 2mg each. vaporizer 👍  Gold Jetty Extracts I've only used one cartridge, so I can't speak to consistency but this was a potent cartridge and a great high. vaporizer 👍  Bubba Kush State Feels very similar to the State 'Relax' cartridges, but much more potent. I get a strong tingly body high from these state indica cartridges, and the Bubba Kush takes that feeling to the next level.
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